this is the life!

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stories that i wrote February 11, 2007

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exerpt from “the king takes”
she sat on the mountain top. she looked out into the distance. the sun glared upon her head. her brown hair shone in the sun. the trees glistened with the dew covering them like a blanket. beauty surrounded her. she knew they were coming. the soldiers would come, they would attack, they would take everything she had. but this beauty…this was hers. it was hers. something at last.

exerpt from “the king takes”
“you hope and you pray, mademoiselle, but we shall never know.” her eyes stared into his. he dropped the dress onto the ground. “the dangers come soon. they will come and take the castle. they will take everything. but they won’t take you. please, mademoiselle….will you take me?” she looked into his brown eyes. they were gleaming with a sort of hope and love. she threw her arms around him. “i have waited for so long for this.”

exerpt from “don’t breath”
the world seemed to collapse around her. the trees seemed to fall with a thud. everything seemed to drop and stand still, waiting for her reaction. “the animals will always be here,” she said, her voice shaking. “they will always be here for us.” she touched her sister’s shoulder. her sister took a step backward as if hit. “they won’t be here. don’t you understand? they’re gone.” the reality of it hit the ground, taking her with it. “they…abandoned us?” her sister nodded. “no!” her voice ripped through the sky like a scar.

these are little parts from MY stories. i wrote them. don’t say “no you didn’t” because i did. they’re, like, my life’s work!


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