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to clubpenguin February 9, 2007

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to all you clubpenguin-ers…

wow! the party is so awesome! so much food, so many sculptures! holy shpatooke! (:-)) ok, the shirts are located on the top of the ski mountain. the ice crowns are in the plaza.

fun facts:
red punch on the dance floor
pizza at the snow forts
coffee at the dock (as always)
snow cones at the beach

in my opinion coolest sculpture goes to…
flamini1 at the mine shack!
to see who made the sculptures, click the little gold things on stands next to them and you can see the orignal drawing, too!
the dojo, for one in clubpenguin history, actually has something in it! very awesome sculptures in the DOJO!

have fun, clubpenguiners!
~keep it real~


One Response to “to clubpenguin”

  1. balletheart3 Says:

    i know the dojo is like woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love the scuplture with all the penguins like a parade. its in the dojo. i love the snow festival!!! its so pretty!! 🙂

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