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love February 9, 2007

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it’s so confusing. one second, they’re your boyfriend. the next second it’s over. but that’s not love. we could put that in the “puppy love” isle or even “fake love.” the many isles of our emotions have only three for “love”- fake, puppy, and real. real love comes suddenly, unexpectantly, and sometimes-a little too fast. you’re not ready, you’re knocked over by a full-blown new sensation. you don’t hear bells, they don’t dance with you on the ballroom floor and sweep you away to the balcony and love you when the stupid glass shoe fits. it’s love. but we’re in modern times, remember. it’s a sensation where you know that person is yours and you are theirs. you don’t feel like this love won’t last like the last one, this is real. a heart doesn’t spring inbetween you, you don’t stare into their eyes and say, “i love you forever.”
it is an unspoken agreement.

~keep it real~


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  1. pops Says:

    u suck ur own fuck basterded

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