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greys anatomy February 9, 2007

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lotssssss happened.
lots of it was really scary…
issy should stop being a surgeon. she gets too scared and under-pressure in circumstances like
that man being trapped. not that i blame here!!! but surgeons can really deal with that.
that little girl was kind of creepy, but i liked her. when the man knocked grey into the water-wow. um…they can’t kill grey, right?! it’s her show! that was a really amazinly-shot scene. the ferry explosion was obviously computer-made, but it was pretty realistic. i loved how karev was very brave and suffered and connected with that woman who’s face got crushed who is pregnant. this was such a beautiful episoide, it’s definatley one of my favorites–but it was very scary and sort of gross. in fact not sort of…but a lot gross, but a lot gross, but you have to be ready for that when you’re watching greys anatomy.

i didn’t like how mean grey was being to mcdreamy. they have such a great relashinship though. i have no idea what’s going on. did he actually ask her to marry him? no. they can’t do that, grey and mcdreamy have to be married! but not now. too many people just got ready.

there we go!
~keep it real~


2 Responses to “greys anatomy”

  1. balletheart3 Says:

    i dont watch grays anatomy… but that sounds suspensful. omg issy is SO pretty

  2. quotes Says:

    We love Grey’s Anatomy. This episode was truly awesome.


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