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cancer February 7, 2007

Filed under: girls,Uncategorized — emilyishere @ 2:41 am is a really inspiring blog. it’s about a woman, marisa, and her husband…they are fighting marisa’s cancer. well, actually, marisa’s fighting her own cancer–but who says her husband’s not fighting with her, struggling every step? it really shows us how precious life is and how we should be grateful. our “little worries” amount to nothing compared to marisa’s. the best part is is she’s so brave. she may complain…but she’s still brave, she’s living, she’s fighting…i don’t know if all of us have the strength to do that. think about marisa. she loves seeing comments…i want to comment on her blog almost every day. i want marisa to live. i believe that…if she tries…she will live. we all pray for you, marisa. 🙂 you are an insperation

~keep it real~



One Response to “cancer”

  1. balletheart3 Says:

    omg that is so beautiful… emily u make everything seem even prettier in your writing… thats all becuase you are the best writer in the world and you know it!!! see you at school!

    * life is good *

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