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Dedicated to all the preteen girls out there who need help.

to francesca February 6, 2007

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ok, this post is dedicated to francesca, my friend. ballerinas don’t get paid enough. $100 a week for dancing their butts off? i disagree. at least $200 for heck’s sake! while i’m at money…why do brainless football players get paid 250,000 to a million holy bucks a year?! all they do is get the guts beat out of them for entertainment. what about teachers? doctors? they really count. doctors save lifes…they sometimes risk their freakin lives for yours! teachers make the future freakin’ generation! they deserve $1 million not football players!
~keep it real~



2 Responses to “to francesca”

  1. Anna Says:

    YAH! i totally completely agree!

  2. sosweetclubby Says:

    ok emily! this is francesca! and i never said that they got paid 100 dollars a week i said they got paid alitte! and i agree! why do football players get paid so much and teachers dont. i mean seriously

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