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inspiration February 6, 2007

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it comes quickly, its feet hitting the floor quietly, creeping slowly into your head. the more you look at the thing you’re inspired by, the more it walks in, a few footsteps at a time. then it’s there and you have to write it down…you have to draw it…you have to remember it forever.

it is inspiration.

you can’t look for inspiration. really, it’s all around you. but it might not be your inspiration. that bookshelf over there…that might be somebody else’s inspiration…but it’s not yours. that teddy bear that inspires you most, sitting on your bed in the place of glory, the thing you’ve have for what seems like centuries? that’s your inspiration. that’s not somebody else’s. stupid things, like weeds in the dew-covered crass or dirt spread all over your driveway by some stupid teenager froma cross the street can inspire you.

things that you feel will inspire everybody, like a beautiful starry sky, or the first snowfall, do inspire you. your brain feels the urge, your body feels the push…and you’re falling, head-first, into a pool of your creative world.


~keep it real~



One Response to “inspiration”

  1. balletheart3 Says:

    that is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sniff sniff* it really inspiring…haha!

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