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friends February 5, 2007

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look at those people. what do you think when you see them? friends. there’s this whole thing about friends and girls. because girls can be harsh and girls can be great and girls can be stupid and girls can be smart. they’re just so different from boys. anyways.

friends are there for you to talk to. if you can’t talk to them…i don’t understand what’s the point. girlfriends (i mean just friends) are there to comfort you in hard times and be there for you when you’re excited or happy.
of course, the little green monster occupies us all sometimes, but jealousy can turn into something worse if you feel it a lot. of course, it’s normal, if your friend got that trophy, there’s a little thought and feeling that weights you down, that says, “i wish i were her.” but there’s a limit. put one toe across the line, okay. six fights across the line…let’s think about this. why are you jealous? what’s up? are you upset? or did they win something you think you deserve? they won it. they’re your friend. cheer up, you did a lot of great things in your lifetime too.

fights. phew, holy crap!!! there are a lot of those in girl-ology!!!!!!! MAN O MAN CAN THEY BE NERVE-WRACKING. you stand there, shaking, in the middle of the lunch table, or frozen on the phone, or cut off mid-sentance in IM (instant messenger.) there we go. fight starts.

let’s start with one-on-one fights. calm down. breath…just breath. stop in mid-sentance of a harsh comment and think. why did this start? how can you fix it? usually it’s up to us to apologize. if you’re angry, explain why in a voice that says, “i’m getting over my anger.” drop the anger, i’ve learned that it never helps. talk in a firm, calm voice. if your voice gets a little off-track and loud sometimes…deep breath…start again. you will get there.

now there’s the whole all-of-your-friends fight. think about this. don’t betray and tell the other friends secrets. don’t yell, don’t scream, dont talk about them behind their back. at times like these, i know it’s almost impossible, but keep your temper controled and talk. talk to them about how you feel. are you stuck in the middle? go away. go do something else. you won’t talk to them if they’re bothering you like that. if their fighting–THAT’S THEIR PROBLEM. don’t make a mistake and take sides. it causes problems.

all right the all-might friendship war is everlasting. face it. you’re stuck with it.

but you gotta admit…it can be fun sometimes, huh? 😀 keep it real


2 Responses to “friends”

  1. O. Dear Says:

    Aww. That reminds me of my girl friends when I was younger. As a friend-fight-professional, I would agree with your advice. And don’t worry. The older you get, the less you fight…I don’t know why, it just happens that way.

    PS: Thanks for stopping by, come back anytime and visit. 🙂

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