this is the life!

Dedicated to all the preteen girls out there who need help.

off-track with popularity February 4, 2007

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hey i think i’m going completely off-track with this whole popularity thing…

but let’s just talk about it
it’s a part of life.

people have this whole vision of popular people as cruel, beautiful girls with their self-esteem bursting from them . i, on the other hand, disagree. now there’s a new one. not all of them are mean and cruel. they are just self-concious and can’t fit in anywhere. deep inside, these girls are hurting. can’t we just lend them a hand and give them a break? they can be mean, say huge insults like “ew, gross shirt!” and give you “the look.” we all know it…yeah. it’s harsh. but haven’t you ever had those times when you just feel like them? you can sort of…RELATE?! it all sounds like WOW WHAT! but its true. admit it. okay now you feel better. there we go. now i’ve said what needs to be said


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