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different ways to say hi, a sister blog, and some games February 4, 2007

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we’ve got a sister blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! welcome the newest blog to wordpress, balletheart3!! go to and comment! us sister blogs just can’t get enough of those comments… πŸ™‚ well…

some good neopets games to play are:

turmac roll: just get the hang of it and you’re WHOOSH into the thousands almost immediately, especially when it’s x2 day for our little rolling turmac!!

meerca chase: wow could this get any easier? get the hang of it, practice, practice, practice, and you’re getting neggs faster than you can say “faerie.”

there we go!!

i know this is kinda weird…but…

different ways to say hello:

konichiwa (how the heck do you spell that?!)

isn’t that just weird?!! i find it fastinating… πŸ˜‰


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