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clubpenguin and fights February 4, 2007

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ok ok ok !!!

clubpenguin cheats, i’ve completely forgotten some of the key ones!!!

rearrange someone’s igloo…spys only

go to
go to your igloo
click the tape measure
click yourself
click on your spyphone
go to the headquarters
go to a member’s igloo
click on a piece of their furniture and drag it… surprise!

ok this is stupid because the people going on this blog probably are not newbies but…

the dojo is the purple mountain in the background mountains on the map
big surprise here…the iceburg is the block of ice in the water next to clubpenguin

girls, here’s something that all girls go through:

friendship trouble

the fight comes as soon as you can say 123, it just magically appears and it’s tense and you feel alone.

well push your hair out of your face and let’s get started…

if a friend gets angry at something you say (no offense, but we girls need to be careful about being nice…it can realy hurt when a diss comes out by accident) there’s lots of things you can do.

a: you can yell and scream and kick (warning: yea right no way don’t you dare do this)

b: you can tell an adult. (do you really want to? i wouldn’t suggest that…)

c: you could talk to them.

ding ding ding c is correct!!!! you really need to be calm in situations like this. you have to cool them down first and then make them understand if there was a misunderstanding or apologize or something…

this is really BIG info, better write this down!!

keep it real, peeps
see ya


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  1. karah Says:

    i like your web site and i think its cool but if yo want more people to come to it you should probably list the cheat for money on club penguin not the places!

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