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Dedicated to all the preteen girls out there who need help.

partay with the clubpenguiners!!! January 19, 2007

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hey peeps!!!! whoa, the party started today!!!!! i’m so excited!!!!! the maracas are located in the dance club. ok, the pin. this is kinda hard but not too hard. go to the coffee shop. keep hitting the pinata with your mouse. finally, you’ll see a cactus picture fall to the ground. go over there and pick it up. you might not be able to see it because of penguins, but it is most definately there! have you seen the floors? i think they’re too cool! members….
here’s a really good combo: a big or medium pink igloo and green carpeting
a white big or medium (maybe small) with the brown carpeting
both floors that are not carpeting are both amazing and sweet!!!!!!!! dance with the maracas, peeeps. it’s WAY to cool!!!!! want any cheats?!?! um…….i’ll get back to you on that one…:-) 😉 see y’all later!!!!
keep it real!


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