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homework helper is HERE! January 18, 2007

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hey guys!!!
ok, well i’ve got some really great news–i’m going to help you with homework now! clubpenguin, neopets, hairstyles, fashion tips, and homework! i would think people would comment…LOL! just kidding!

all right, well right now i’m about to have a quiz on the three branches of government and the constitutional convention. i can give you some really great links and tell you all i know…
let’s start at the very beginning…a very good place to start…:lol:

well, the constitutional convention was in 1787 and it was in philadelphia in the state house. fifty five delegates (people who represented states) gathered around to talk about the articles of confederation. they weren’t working out AT ALL!!!! the congress couldn’t make an army or tax the colonists. the government and the colonies were absolutely falling apart. the colonies didn’t want to come together as one country…but they were going to, whether the colonies liked it or not. they came together. there was a very big argument about representatives…some wanted it based on population and some wanted it just one representative (the small states wanted just one, i’m sure you can understand why.) so, then there was the Great Compromise. even today, it is called the Great Compromise. they decided there would be two houses–one based on population and one with just one representative. and they signed the constitution. the articles of confederation were NOT working, as i said. so there’s the constitutional convention, its’ really not all that hard!
if you have a test on it like me you definately need to read and take notes on that a couple of times…even i needed to!
i’ve been studying for about two hours and i could tell you a lot more, but this is basically all you need to know and i don’t really want to rant and rave about this for hours and hours!
keep it real
have a nice day


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