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greys anatomy January 18, 2007

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who here watches grey’s anatomy?!!?! it’s the best medical show EVER!!!!!
WHOEVER DOES…comment and tell me what you think will happen next. here’s my prediction for this week…………..
i think that the beautiful doctor, with blonde hair and nine million dollars, is going to pay for the girl with the crooked back’s surgery. i could just see it in her eyes. 🙂 that’s all that really matters to me…oh, wait, right… i think that grey is going to realize that that is her family…and i think she’s going to realize it sadly sadly enough because i think the baby is going to die. hold on, i need a second to cry. 😦 i don’t know how they would have the nerve to kill off a baby, but it’s true. sigh. grey’s anatomy can do whatever they want and still keep you hooked. oh, and i think that that doctor’s dad who’s in surgery and has cancer is going to die, too. i guess both the baby and the old guy can’t die…but maybe they will. that’s just my prediction!!!!!WHAT DO YOU THINK!?!!


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