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more hair! January 13, 2007

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to look really great, you really have to try.
BEAUTY IS PAIN ANYWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you’re worried about somebody thinking about your looks, think again. who is this person? why do you want to look good? if they’re the popular crowd….WHO CARES?!!?!?!?!?! don’t feel intiminated by them, trust me, i know. i’ve been through the whole big magilla. if you’re popular, please don’t intiminate other kids–it doesn’t get you anywhere and it doesn’t make you look cool!! if you’re trying to impress a boy, there’s where you’ve got to try. here’s another hairstyle:

1. for wavy or curly hair, spray hair with hair spray and scrunch with fingers to loosely define waves or curls. for straight hair, leave straight of use a curling iron to create loose waves.

2. create a zigzag part on left side of head.
3. starting at part and working with a 2-inch section of hair, make a french braid down right side of head. secure with a clear rubber band.
4. smooth all hair, including braid, into a low side ponytail just below left ear, secure with elastic. undo end of braid and blend into ponytail.
5. wrap a small section of hair around a ponytail to cover elastic, secure with bobby pins.

bobby pins really help. also, headbands are a really good way to look great and save some time. headbands can really describe who YOU are, you know? color, jewels, sparkles, little details that just scream, “i’m me!!!!!” get it?! good
keep it real!


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