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hairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr tips!!!! :-D January 13, 2007

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hey peoples
what’s up?!!!!
today i have more hairdos for you!!!!!!
here’s a really nice hairdo that i personally love:

1. smooth hair back into a ponytail, wrap once with elastic
2. holding ponytail tightly, wrap elastic around bottom half of ponytail again, separating ponytail into two sections
3. divide the top section of the ponytail in half, letting half fall on each side of the ponytail.
4. wrap 2 inch section of hair from the bottom of ponytail around the lower ponytail. secure with bobby pins.
5. separate hair in top ponytail into several strands. secure some strands to the back of the head with bobby pins let others fall loosely around ponytail
6: OPTIONAL spray lightly with hair spray

I got this hairdo from Discovery Girls magazine.

here’s 2 tips:

brush your hair in the shower when the conditioner’s still in there (ESPECIALLY CURLY AND OR WAVY HAIRED PEOPLE, IT’LL KEEP THE BRUSHING MESS TO THE LOWDOWN)

play with bobby pins, because you can get some great styles like that. comment and tell more hairstyles! can’t get enough of those hairstyles!


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