this is the life!

Dedicated to all the preteen girls out there who need help.

back to clubpenguin January 13, 2007

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back to clubpenguin!!!!!
let’s see, what can i tell you!?!?!
well, can you wait until the spanish party? it’s going to be so great! what free things are they going to give out next?!?!!?! tell all your friends about this blog, i want it to be so popular you’re going to SCCCREEEEAM!!!!!
here’s a really easy one, it’s almost for newbies!!! in fact, it is for newbies: this is dedicated to all those struggling newbies out there:

you have to be 30 days or older.

click “m” in the top right corner.

click “become a secret agent.”

now do all the answers that are the best, and even if some of them are the truth–i know this sounds horrible, but LIE! you have to say the answers…well, you’ll know!!!

keep it real, peeps!!!! 😀


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