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hannah games on neopets January 12, 2007

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hiya everybody!!!
i’m going to take some of the hannah games (from neopets**) cheats from a site. here’s levels one through six:
Level 1: Hannah

First of all, jump up and over the two steps, and then on the third leap across the spikes. Keep going and jump over the spikes until you get to the water. Collect the three treasure chest under the water (remember to watch how much air she has left with the bubbles in the bottom of the screen – once it runs out she’ll die) and the three on the ledge. Then simply run back to the start, jumping over the spikes again and up the step. When Hannah is in front of the cave door, press ‘S’ to move Armin in front of it if he isn’t already. Other than that he won’t be needed, as he simply cannot jump high enough to get over the steps. When both are in front of the door you can proceed to the next level: Armin!

Level 2
This one is all about that little Bori, so press ‘S’ and switch to him. Then crawl through the tunnel of snow by pressing down and left, and he’ll dig through it. Hannah will still not be able to pass through this, only Armin can crawl through these.
On the other side there will be an icy skeleton, so simply run at him and he will break. Collect the five treasure chests, crawl back through the tunnel and make sure both characters are in front of the cave door to leave. On to cave three!

This one is mainly Hannah, but you mustn’t forget that Armin must be able to reach the cave door. Jump up onto the first platform and the one above it, and push the boulders off each to the right to crush the spikes. Jump up onto the next platform at the top clockwise, and push the boulder off to the right; make sure to duck (press down) from that fireball!

Level 6
Jump to the right and push the boulder on that platform to the left, and push the boulder on the last platform to the left as well. Collect all the treasure chests from the platform if you haven’t already done so, and go to the exit. Since you have pushed the boulders over most of the spikes, Armin can now jump over the spikes and make his way to the exit to complete the level.

Level 4: Volley of Arrows
Switch to Armin and dig through the snow to the right. Jump up to hit each arrow and get the treasure, though mind out of the way after you hit the middle one as an arrow with come flying back. Once you’ve collected it crawl back tot he starting point. Switch to hannah and hit the arrow. Once an arrow has demolished a metal crate, jump over the stack and hit the next arrow. Finally hit the last one, but watch out for the two boulders that drop down. Collect the treasure and get Armin to the exit to complete the level.

Level 5
Switch to Armin, and then run at the dynamite. It will fly out to the right and the stack of dynamite will blow up (stand back!). Then run at the icy skeleton and over to the exit on the far right. Switch to Hannah, and run to the right over the metal crate, and hit the arrow. Collect the treasure, and then crawl through the secret area beside the exit. Jump onto the platform, hit the arrow, and wait for the dynamite to explode. Then gather the treasure and head back to the exit to complete the level.

This is from a site Use that link to see the rest. Have fun!


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