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hair care, girls! January 12, 2007

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hey girls!!!!!
hair care is going to be one of the things on my blog, too!!!
ok, so here’s a realy cute look.
what you need:
two bobby pins
a hair thing

ok, now put your hair up in a low ponytail.
now pin the top half of your ponytail to the top of your head, so some hair is sticking up at the top

now pin the other half down

you look fabulous from the back and front!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

comment on what color your hair is and how long and if it’s curly or straight or what!!!!
😀 have a nice day peoples
keep it real!


One Response to “hair care, girls!”

  1. kaylee Says:

    Hi guys

    This is very nice blog and i got very informative blog from this blog. Please keep it up posting.

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