this is the life!

Dedicated to all the preteen girls out there who need help.

girls rule the world January 12, 2007

Filed under: Uncategorized — emilyishere @ 11:58 pm

anybody know anything about boys?
i have a crush on this guy and this guy has a crush back.
we go to this thing on friday nights called club friday where kids can go to the community center and party without their parents…
there’s an arcade, movies, arts and crafts, dodgeball, and food, bingo, and a DJ

he goes too so my friend and i send him a note:
please meet emily in the movie room.
so he came. halfway through the movie, i’m realy excited and REALLY REALLY nervous. and all of the sudden, he gets up. and leaves. he doesn’t come back. he just leaves me there!
i spent the rest of the night in the bathroom crying. boys are so dumb. but i still feel like i like him a lot.

what should i do to confront him?!


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