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Dedicated to all the preteen girls out there who need help.

poem January 31, 2007

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here’s a poem i wrote. tell me what you think of it
Broken hearts begin to bleed,
Nobody feels like they can suceed.
Who ever knew
life could be so tough?
When the going gets rough,
Sometimes all it does is gets worse.
Life’s just like that.
It’s hard.


sorry it’s taken me so long to write another post January 30, 2007

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sorry i haven’t been on lately!

ohhh my gosh…oh my gosh…WOW. can you honestly believe it? Dr. Preston Burke and cristina yang? after so long without talking? i didn’t really see that one coming…
but i did see georgie and kally’s proposal coming! that is SO exciting!
kally better say yes. he needs her. and she knows she loves him. she just has a strange way of showing it. and they’re relashinship’s not so steady, but i think marriage is perfect for them. preson and cristina…well, i don’t really know. it’s been so long without talking, so long with tension…well i can’t wait to see!!!

coconut shy:
if you miss it you get no prize
if you hit it but it hardly moves at all, you get 50 neopoints
if it wobbles, you get 300 neopoints
if you knock it over, you get 10,000 neopoints and an evil coconut
if the coconut explodes you get 500,000 neopoints. WARNING: THIS IS VERY RARE, DON’T COUNT ON IT

sleeping times of the snowager:
NOTE: in neopets standard time
6-7 am
1-2 pm
4-5 pm
11-12 pm

spanish party is over! but, the pin is in the coffe shop, just in case you haven’t found out yet…but you probably have…:-) sorry i’m a little off-schedule… 😉 you forgive me, right!?

post comments on what you want me to do next!

keep it real!
have a nice day!
see y’all latea aligator


mama vision. January 22, 2007

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i just read and saw the most disturbing thing i have ever seen. but it was so wonderful, and so true, and so great, it really makes all of us really think. go to, and you’ll really see what modeling is about. being SKINNY.

people, really think about it. there is lots of consequences to having an eating disorder–and every single one of them probably lead up to one thing: death. mama vision really made me see that and i think she’ll really help you think that. this world can be so great and it can be so wonderful. and yet it can be so horrible and cruel.


SNOW!!!!! THANKS! January 21, 2007

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oh my gosh
oh my gosh
oh my gosh
thanks for everybody’s support!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it SNOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 yesyesyesyes it’s snowing and everything’s WHITE !!!!!!!!!

smile smile
keep it real:-)


partay with the clubpenguiners!!! January 19, 2007

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hey peeps!!!! whoa, the party started today!!!!! i’m so excited!!!!! the maracas are located in the dance club. ok, the pin. this is kinda hard but not too hard. go to the coffee shop. keep hitting the pinata with your mouse. finally, you’ll see a cactus picture fall to the ground. go over there and pick it up. you might not be able to see it because of penguins, but it is most definately there! have you seen the floors? i think they’re too cool! members….
here’s a really good combo: a big or medium pink igloo and green carpeting
a white big or medium (maybe small) with the brown carpeting
both floors that are not carpeting are both amazing and sweet!!!!!!!! dance with the maracas, peeeps. it’s WAY to cool!!!!! want any cheats?!?! um…….i’ll get back to you on that one…:-) 😉 see y’all later!!!!
keep it real!


greys anatomy

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i was kinda right about greys anatomy…
the father did die but i wasn’t expecting it to be off of life support. the baby did not die and grey did not get closer with her dad. i didn’t know that girl’s dad died when she was five!!!!!!! who knew?!!?!

well, see you
keep it real
have a nice day 🙂


greys anatomy January 18, 2007

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who here watches grey’s anatomy?!!?! it’s the best medical show EVER!!!!!
WHOEVER DOES…comment and tell me what you think will happen next. here’s my prediction for this week…………..
i think that the beautiful doctor, with blonde hair and nine million dollars, is going to pay for the girl with the crooked back’s surgery. i could just see it in her eyes. 🙂 that’s all that really matters to me…oh, wait, right… i think that grey is going to realize that that is her family…and i think she’s going to realize it sadly sadly enough because i think the baby is going to die. hold on, i need a second to cry. 😦 i don’t know how they would have the nerve to kill off a baby, but it’s true. sigh. grey’s anatomy can do whatever they want and still keep you hooked. oh, and i think that that doctor’s dad who’s in surgery and has cancer is going to die, too. i guess both the baby and the old guy can’t die…but maybe they will. that’s just my prediction!!!!!WHAT DO YOU THINK!?!!