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heyy!! December 16, 2006

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🙂 HEEY!!!!! I know lots of Club Penguin cheats!!!! Here’s some:

how to nub: go to make sure your internet isn’t full screen, make sure it’s small. then, click below the chatbar, and voila, you’re nubbing!!!!

how to walk on the coffee shop walls: go to bunnyhill. before you get to the thing that says “would you like to play” click the map. as soon as you start playing, go to the town. when you get to the town, press the letter “a” and VOILA you’re walking on walls! how to get down? click on one of the doors in the town!

how to do the robot dance (members only): make yourself naked. then, get out your clown suit, if you have one. put on your clown suit and afro, but don’t x out your player card. start dancing. you can do this with anything that makes you do something other than dance. unfortunately, nobody else can see you do this.

how to become a ninja (only if you’re 310 days old or more in clubpenguin) sit in the dojo for half an hour. no talking, you can just move your mouse around. if you don’t move your mouse around, then it won’t work. after a while, some penguins will come up. they’ll ask if you want to become a ninja. VOILA, you’re a ninja!!!! 🙂


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