this is the life!

Dedicated to all the preteen girls out there who need help.

hey!! December 14, 2006

Filed under: Uncategorized — emilyishere @ 2:45 am

hey!!!! wassup, yall??? i really like blogging, i donno wat this’ll be about. well, i know some cheats for clubpenguin, u clubpenguin-ers. to nub, go to it’s supposed to go into fullscreen mode. ten, log in. make sure your internet is small, not taking up the whole computer screen. then, click under the blue chat bar thing, and VOILA!!!!! you’re nubbing. congrats!!!!!! my friends are having problems: could you help me? they’re fighting and i’m stuck in the middle. has this happened to anybody else? i hate fights: i don’t like conflict. doesn’t that stink? i know that’s weird–but i’m sure it’s true for you too!!!!!!


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