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christmas partay December 23, 2006

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well, the christmas party started!!!! the pin is behind the right front corner speaker. the hats are in the snow forts. the beards are in the plaza. it’s amazing!! here’s a cheat. go to clubpenguin and click the plus key. it’ll go all sketchy. then click it again to get clubpenguin back to normal. don’t you love all the snow on clubpenguin???? i do!!!!! I JUST LOVE CLUBPENGUIN! i hope you do too!!


well hi! December 22, 2006

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well hi just wanted to say hi–have any of you ever tried neopets? it’s really fun


December 21, 2006

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yo!!!! sorry i haven’t writeen in a while
well, i’m so excited!!!! can you wait until the christmas party? I CAN’T!!! it’s going to be SO GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wonder what they’ll give out-well, we’ll find out tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 yeehaw, yeah! sorry, no new cheats………. 🙂 have fun!


puffles December 18, 2006

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how to make your pufles perfect:
🙂 well, first give it a bath. then feed it.
another way is this: play with it twice, feed it, and rest it.
VOILA, you’ve got yourself a HAPPY PUFFLE! happy sailing, everybody, and have a nice time on clubpenguin.


how are you? December 17, 2006

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anybody who’s having fights with friends, post here. i’m the GREATEST FRIEND-MASTER ever, i’ve been through it all. oh, and, people can’t see when you walk on the coffee shop walls. SORRY, but people can see you nub. 🙂 have a nice day, everybody!



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well, i’m trying to become a ninja right now. tell all your friends about this blog, because it’s going to be the best and you know it!!!! it’s already pretty good, don’t you think? except for the fact i don’t have pictures, but i will–i’ll find out how. everybody tell me your penguin names and we can meet sometime!!!! i want to have as many buddies as possible. IF YOU CURSE ON THIS SITE, YOU ARE REPORTED IMMEDIATELY, UNDERSTAND????? this is a CURSE-FREE ZONE!!!!!!!! :-) :lol: have a nice day



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how to become a ninja
u have to be 310 days old or more:
go to the dojo, sit there for thirty minutes, and you’ll be a ninja. move your mouse around so you don’t have to logg off.

how to be older than you are
close clubpenguin. go to the bottom line at the bottom of your computer. click on the time. make it to 2011, because you can’t go any higher. logg back on clubpenguin. voila!!! right now i’m 2003 days old 😉

have fun!